Three levels of reading the Quran

The Quran can be read at three different levels, each involving varying degrees of attention and adherence to specific rules:

  1. Tahqeeq: This is the highest level of reading the Quran. It requires reading the Quran slowly and calmly, while deeply contemplating its meanings. It involves following the rules of tajweed meticulously, ensuring that each letter is pronounced correctly with its distinctive characteristics and articulation points.
  2. Hadar: At this level, the reader adopts a quicker pace while still being mindful of the rules of tajweed. It is important not to rush to the extent that the elongated letters are not given their due time and not neglect the proper pronunciation of sounds like gunnah.
  3. Tadweer: This level lies between the two above. It involves reading the Quran at a moderate pace, while still maintaining a focus on the rules of tajweed, although with slightly less meticulousness than in the Tahqeeq level.

Each level of reading the Quran offers its own merits and benefits, allowing individuals to engage with the sacred text in different ways, depending on their proficiency and dedication to mastering the rules of tajweed.

Hafez Muhammad Sadiqul Karim
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