How to Properly Read Bismillah Between Two Surahs

How to Properly Read Bismillah Between Two Surahs

In the Quran, when transitioning from one surah to another, it is essential to recite the Bismillah. However, there are specific rules for doing this correctly. Let’s explore the proper ways to read Bismillah between two surahs, following the recitation style of Hafs, the Quran reader we follow, with one exception.

Four Ways to Recite Bismillah:

1.  Separating Method: After completing a surah, take a short pause, breathe, say “Bismillah,” pause again, and then start the next surah. Remember to follow this method during your Quran recitation.

2.  Joining Method: Immediately after ending the surah, without pausing, join the last word with “Bismillah” and continue into the next surah in one breath. Maintain the flow and continuity of your reading.

3.  Smooth and Continuous Method: When finishing the last verse of a surah, take a brief pause, then say “Bismillah” and start the next surah right away without stopping. Keep the transition smooth and seamless.

4.  Avoid Connecting Directly: It is not allowed to connect the end of a surah directly to the “Bismillah” and then pause before starting the next surah. This could lead the listener to believe the “Bismillah” is part of the completed surah, which is incorrect.

Remember to adhere to these guidelines while reciting the Quran to ensure a proper and respectful reading experience. Happy reciting!

Hafez Muhammad Sadiqul Karim
Hafez Muhammad Sadiqul Karim

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